Thursday, June 20, 2024

Yellow Chrome Nails The Color Of Summer

Yellow Chrome Nails Are Basically Sunshine On Your Fingertips. This has been said to be the color of the summer this year! What better than pairing the color of sunshine with a trendy outfit!

The psychology of the color yellow tells us that the color has traditionally been a symbol of joyfulness, happiness, and energy and is associated with summer months.

To go along with the sunshine, warmer temps, and blooming plants, manicure lovers are obsessing over pastel nail polish shades with cool-girl chromatic finishes.

Alongside soft-girl colors like pale blue and light lavender, a more unexpected butter yellow is one to watch for the spring season. Moreover, near-neon shades of yellow-ish chartreuse are expected to be a major nail polish trend as the weather heats up. Source

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